February 24, 2007

And here's another one.

Another one to add to my untouched collection of online journals/blogs/profiles that I can't seem to keep up with nor remember passwords to. I have always wanted to have a steady blog to collect all of my random thoughts and entries since I seem to make so many as days pass. I usually keep at it for a while... then get bored of the repetition and fall off the routine. My goal with this one, is to become the habitual blogger I have always dreamt of being.

How I just LOVE how things always work out NEVER in our favor. Okay, maybe not NEVER, but RARELY in our favor. Just like how time seems to drag on the days that we dread... and then seem to fly right by us when we just want to savor and cherish that moment. I guess we can never have things our way, can we?

I think that I am an easy person to befriend and get along with. People seem to have this misconception of me and assume that I would blow them off and not give them the time of day for any reasons it may be. I never fully understood why they would assume so, but I'm starting to guess that it is because I am not afraid to be honest and speak my mind in general discussions with strangers... people whom I've never gotten a chance to get to know or develop an ounce of care for. Why should I have to hold back how I truly feel for their sake? Don't get me wrong, I am a strong practicer of the tried and true, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all". I'm not blunt or rude by any means... or so I think. Would they rather me lie to them for their benefit at the moment, only to find themselves to be even more foolish and fooled in the end? Not to sound like such a pessimist, but we should all take the sweet and kind words that seem to always play in our favor with a grain of salt. Everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt, but I deserve the right to look beyond the surface and remind myself of any possible mishaps that may come. I owe it to myself to put a moat around my feelings and my heart. No one can protect myself, but me.

Still searching for all the possibilities in life...

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