February 28, 2007

Oudom Doung Chet Jivit Bong

Oudom doung chet jivit bong
Ow sross noun la'ong
Knong doung chet bong sovmong rol tngai....

Haven't heard this song in so long. As much as I love it, I must admit that I actually forgot that it even existed. What can I say? Out of sight, out of mind. Hearing this song this morning brought a cloud of emotions over me. As sad and depressing as this song is, it makes me happy to know that true and sweet love exists... or it did at some point. I know love now, and I wouldn't trade it in for anything. But songs like this makes me wonder if men, or even women, have the same thoughts that are spoken through these lyrics but don't know how to
express themselves? Or are these lyrics just lyrics put together so that a song is complete and it sounds good? Well, whatever it may be, its nice to believe that there is such love out there... I think I am pretty close. I'm very fortunate and loved indeed, but so can everyone else! It frustrates me knowing that we allow ourselves to be hurt when it comes to someone we love, myself included. I guess thats just the way it is, like everything else in life. Its hard, and it can be even harder... but its up to you to determine if its worth it and if you want to continue. Are you happy? We shouldn't have to allow ourselves to be hurt all the time... can the happiness that we seek and long for make up for all the pain and heartache that we endure on the way?

Don't ever put anyone before you, no matter how much you think you love them. You have to love yourself first in order for anyone else to love you or you can love anyone else. Know your value and your self worth... and you are worth every speck of love and happiness this world has to offer...

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  1. What a lovely message! It is quite amazing how one can "stumble" across something that is just what they needed. I'm new to blogging and I've been exploring for these last few days. This entry was like an invigorating splash of cool water on face. I don't know the song you mentioned (would love to hear it) but the message behind it is one with which I can certainly identify. I too am a believer in love and that ever living thing is entitled to it. Although the world has been corrupted, we should not allow our hearts to be ruined from the inside out.