May 29, 2007


Strangely, I don't have much motivation to come online anymore. Actually, no motivation to come on KC. If it wasn't for keeping in touch with friends, I'd kiss this website goodbye. Okay I lied... I wouldn't leave exactly, but I probably wouldn't be on here religiously like how I am/was.

Before, the first and only thing I'd really do when I get home is hop online. Now, I just sit there staring at my laptop thinking, "I have no reason to go online right now". Even on the weekends... I'd rather sit there and do absolutely nothing. Hopefully this phase stays for a long long time. If not, just disregard this entry.

Great weekend... I got to spend time with friends AND family.. .the best of both worlds! Exactly a year prior to this past weekend, I was in Vegas/California... and that was when I finally got to see my Superman's pretty face. Its unfortunate that I didn't get to relive or spend the weekend with him... but I'm sure there's plenty more time in OUR future.

Long distance relationships suck... its hard. Whats great about it though is that it allows you to connect much more emotionally. Its draining us... but we know that in the end, everything is worth it. Each day I fall deeper... scary thought I tell yah!

The weather is looking great, but I still walk around with a jacket or sweatshirt. Yeah... no shorts or skirts yet... its still cold to me. I said it LOOKS great... not FEELS great... only sometimes.

I'm sitting at number 26 in the competition. Kinda freakin' crazy! My first goal was just to make it to top 50 so that I can proceed to the next round. With the love and support of many, I have surpassed that and am reaching for a new goal... top 10! I have about 11 or 12 days left to reach this. I must admit that I haven't done much in this competition but submit my pictures, write a short profile, and harass people to vote for me. The votes, support, and spread of words are my friends... whom I LOVE!

Yeah... I'm blessed with great people in my life. My family, friends... REAL friends that is.

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