May 8, 2007

No Posts, More Pictures!

Since I can't be posting, I might as well upload pictures on this thing, right? Its been a while... hold up.

Emerald Queen Casino... April 31st, 2007
(a week old... but better late than never)

So here's the story: Grace and I wanted to go to this Khmer party held at Emerald Queen Casino on a Monday night! Tried to convince others to go, but the only willing troopers were Pania and Nack. We had a lot of fun though... sober! We didn't have to pay a penny for anything... free non alcoholic drinks at the casino? Yes, please! We didn't know that we're not allowed to take pictures at a casino and got in trouble a few times, but we snuck some in the bathroom with the singers and a few more at the table with just the four of us. The thought of sneaking a picture was such an adrenaline rush... haha! Danced the night away, of course! Then... after making fun of Nack and Pania for their need of a GPS system, I got Grace lost trying to tell her how to get back to my house. Its not my fault though... we had to detour... kinda. Got lost in the farmlands and took forever until we found civilization again. Thing is... we called Nack and Pania to tell them that we got lost... and they just laughed at us. They hung up on us before we even found our way! Hmph!

She's my SOBER partner in crime... my fellow Khmer Party goer! MOMMY!

Im Srey Peouv & Grace... outside the bathroom!

I had to bend my knees and slouch to be her height!

They looked REALLY good on stage... got nothin' on Grace though!

They make me proud to be tan... but they're great performers!

Grace and Pania... awww! *giggles*

Nack can NEVER take a NORMAL picture with me!

Much better!

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