May 8, 2007

EQC on April 7th

We did it again last night. Conquered Emerald Queen Casino and seemed to take over the dance floor. Heng Bunleap was there and to be honest, he's not as attractive as I had remembered. Maybe I just had beer goggles (minus the beer) on that night. Took plenty of pictures of the dude, but they're not cute enough to be posted. My friends are cuter... ANY DAY!

Grace and I with some boys who lost some money! tsk tsk... :p

Bong Neang stole the show... he has more fans than Bunleap!

What? I HAD to, okay?

I SPY with my little eyes, SEVEN KCers!

My cousin and I... do we look alike? :D

Can't go a night without a GIRLS picture now!

My souljah ass partner in crime! :D

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