May 8, 2007

More Pictures!

This past weekend, Nara and Seung finally did their couples' photoshoot! After DimSum, I played makeup and Nack was my assistant. During the photoshoot, I was Nack's assistant (I guess). It was by far the most fun I had on a photoshoot, and I was on the other side of the camera this time.

I LOVE Nara and Seung... they're probably one of my favorite couples around. Honored to be a Bridesmaid actually... and I am still honored that they text/called me to ask me which hand the ring goes on. Lame, huh? But it makes me feel special! Oh... and I also got to pick them up from the airport after the proposal trip and I had to lie to them in order to surprise them for their mini congratulations party thingy. Its just a story to tell, okay? Give me a break! They're like my big bro and sis to me... always there for me to give me advice and guidance AND knock some sense into me from time to time. I am VERY thankful for friends like them. :D (and I am not sucking up just in case they read this... but they did treat Nack and I to dimsum last week... haha!)

Their sweet, sweet photos. I will leave out the captions since pictures speak a thousand words... don't need a few more from me! :D


Grace was still asleep when I got there... time to play!

I don't think she was too happy when she woke up! HAHA

My "babies" on the counter there...

Play time!

Ain't she purdy...?


I don't know what's up with my profile... LAME!

So hard not to crack a smile!

They were changing in the car! HAHA

LOL! Don't ask!

I was a great assistant... look at all the bags I had to carry! Backpack and all!

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