May 3, 2007


I feel GREAT! I didn't realize that small changes make such a HUGE difference! Lets see how long I'll stick to this before my short attention/interest span takes over!

Chatting with a fellow KCer. The pictures of her son on her page makes me miss my niece and nephews even more. I can't wait until they come home tomorrow... a month is just too long! I miss how they would hug me and kiss me whenever they see me (literally... not even exaggerating) and tell me that they love me. I have the best kids in the world!

Can't wait to see my other kids at camp this summer. I really hope that they remember me though. Hopefully most, if not all of the kids on my team return this year. More over, I can't wait to see the new faces this year either. I never realized how much I loved kids until I start to reminisce about them! Ahhh... I can't wait, can't wait!


  1. what is this small change you did

  2. You're such a good auntie... bet they miss you as much as you miss them! :D Have a good weekend. I hope the weather is warm for us tomorrow since it is my son's party so I can take some new pics of him and post some more on my page.