June 9, 2007


Its amazing how some people only mature in age and age alone while maturity level stands still... and this is coming from the most immature person known to mankind... or so I thought. Sometimes I wonder if they're that bored or if they really do find pleasure and assurance in beating themselves up in a one man battle. Am I being hypocritical again? Haha... it happens! ;)

On another note, I feel like I accomplished something yesterday (Friday). Quite an interesting experience which I very much enjoyed. Thank you Stubby for my beautiful card in which her homie "Chad" gave me an intriguing show... haha! *mwuah*

I miss my girlfriends on KC... but as I said... each and every single one of them know exactly how to get a hold of me otherwise. I'll be back one day... but got much more to focus on right now rather than the same ol' bullshit that I've grown quite accustomed to. Why don't people just surprise me already?

Exactly 6 months to my birthday... let the countdown begin! Hehehe... no worries... wish list shall be up soon! :)

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