June 13, 2007

Bragging Moment

The other day I was talking about kvah koh (Cambodian sausages) and how much I wanted it. The ones at the stores here aren't that good. So today... guess what my mommy called and told me she received? A box full of 30 kvah koh that my beloved sent to me expedited all the way from Long Beach! Haha... his mommy went and bought it for him to send to me! Hehehe... can't wait to get home and eat it!

Oh... and I kinda missed KC. Although it doesn't excite me like it used to, I must say that today was quite mind stimulating... thanks to a few. And I mean, a VERY few.


  1. Thyda... omg.. its TWA Koh... how could you! *whacks!*..Twa means sausages in some language I think..heh.. prolly in Cham!?

  2. err that was from me.. -Pis3y