June 1, 2007

Riya Ray

I haven't been this excited in SO long. My idol for some time now (Riya Ray) sent me a personal message telling me, "you look like an angel"! Can you believe it? The most beautiful girl I've pretty much ever seen (pictures) sent me a message to compliment ME! I swear its supposed to be the other way around! I look at her pictures pretty much everyday (Nack can attest to this) and have always always admired her beauty. Was always too intimidated to send her anything because she has many admirers as it is... but damn... she sent ME a message and left ME a picture comment!

Isn't she just stunningly gorgeous?

Ahhhh... had a nice brief conversation with her tonight and I am sooooooooooooo star struck. I officially love her all over again! *sigh* She even told me that I don't have to call her "Riya Ray"... just "Riya" will do since we're "friends"! Ahhhh... do you realize how happy I am? I saved the conversation for future reference and for anyone who would like to see. LOL... I told her that I just text and emailed some friends to tell them that she got in contact with me (Sam, Nack, and Jane). She's very helpful and man... freakin' beautiful!

Okay... enough. I'm going to bed with a HUGE smile on my face tonight... thats for sure! :)

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  1. hola la verad me encantaria conocerte eh esta muy bien la pagina me parese que recien lo estas creando verdad , pero bueno sigue no ams saludos de perú