June 7, 2007


Last night was awesome. I was dreaming the whole night and for some reason, I can remember most of it. The reason why is probably because I woke up happily to it... while I was still somewhat dreaming. In a way, it was kind of weird. Multiple dreams... but they were all a continuation from one to the other. They were all about my family. Good and bad. I was dreaming of fights and arguments within the family that never really happened. For example, I was getting into a heated argument with one of my distant cousins whom I barely talk to and she is so much older than me. I call her, "Jai Jrean"... but we never really talked.. ever. If I remember correctly, her mother is my mommy's cousin. I still see her all the time, and its weird that we never talk because we were never close. Another weird one was I was fighting with my cousin who was the son of my dad's older brother. Weird thing is... my uncle doesn't have any kids... but this cousin was the spitting image of him. I also dreamed that the family was reunited and were all having a good time just like how we did back in the days. Its hard to ever have something like that now since everyone is all grown up and gone their separate ways. Both of my parents came from huge families and almost every one of their siblings had about a million offsprings and they had their share of offsprings. I think its safe to say that I probably have over 150 relatives in America. No joke.

My siblings and I would occasionally reminisce about the good ol' days with the family and we'd acknowledge the fact that we wish we can get everyone together again. It seems quite impossible, but its all worth a try. I just wish that I had more money to work with and actually plan something for everyone. * sigh *

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