June 4, 2007


As always, my weekend was great but went by WAY too fast. I hate it when that happens.

Got to hang out with my niece and nephews on Saturday. It was the cutest thing... Imagine 6 of those little munchkins all on my bed watching Pokemon. I was started to fall asleep... then Kenneth started to fall asleep on me... I felt loved. :)

Sunday... the family left the house EARLY for some dim sum. The place we went to, we've never been... and I don't ever wanna go there again. I have never received such horrible customer service from a restaurant. Dude... they didn't even have rice because the kitchen was closed. Why the hell are you going to have the restaurant open at 10 if your kitchen isn't open until noon? What do you want us to do? Eat chopsticks? Thing is... other people were at the restaurant too, and they didn't seem too satisfied either. So after my sister paid that 80 something dollar bill for food that barely soaked our teeth, we got up and left to go eat pho! Dude... that place charged each person for tea... including the 4 kids... one of them is ONE year old for crying out loud... he doesn't know how to drink your damn tea! Oh... and I asked for forks and the waitress goes, "Oh my god!" WTF!?!?! Screw you and your chopsticks too!

LOL... that was an awesome venting session, I tell yah! We were at Great Wall shopping mall, so of course, I had yummy food. Yummy squid... and I'm allergic but the taste is so worth the rashes! Hehe!

My brother and his family were supposed to go to the waterfront with me so that we can jog, but instead we ended up spending time online trying to figure out how much he can see his condo in Alaska for. Then... it was almost time for me to meet up with the girls at Pearl's condo. But I managed to squeeze in a little jogging session with my niece, Natalie right before. People probably thought we were crazy because it was scorching hot... but two miles is NOTHING compared to the 12 miles that Grace ran around Greenlake that day. I promise you... that girl is crazy and I wanna be just like her!

Ladies' Night In at Pearl's... and it was my first time at her place so it was pretty much a house warming that she's prolonged for awhile. Very cute place and its so cute how she keeps it all tidy. Makes me want my own place too, darn it... but I am far far away from that, sadly. Pretty much in love with her painting in her dining area. Its a pear... but you wouldn't understand unless you saw it there and is surroundings. Pearl cooked up some really good and HEALTHY food. I've never enjoyed healthy food so much. I don't think I consumed an ounce of grease, but it was still good... so I had to indulge in a slice of chocolate cream pie!! Hehe... I even got some pasta salad for lunch today! I can't wait... this is exciting! Oh... and I can't believe it started to pour down rain out of nowhere when the sky was just clear and the sun was just scorching! Weird Seattle weather, I tell yah!

Great conversations last night... despite how they were making fun of me for unsaid reasons for a bit. Punks, I tell you! Smart girls whom I really admire... awwww... I love them!


  1. hey thyda, if i can do this marathon thing, so can you. i bet your time will probably even better. :)

  2. Thyda, what's the name of the dim sum restaurant? *take notes* so I don't go there next time. :P