December 18, 2007

Back to Life... Back to Reality

I still can't believe its over. Well, I guess I can and should believe it since it really is and I am already back home and having trouble facing reality. In the past, I've always said that my weekend getaways are short. Sadly, it gets shorter every time. And this time, it was the shortest of all weekend getaways I've ever had. It was everything that I wanted it to be... if not more.

I admit that I didn't get to see or hang out with the people I usually do when I'm in California, but I just hope that they can be understanding of my situation and my schedule. A 3 days stay is not a lot of time to work with, especially when there's so many activities and options to choose from. I realize that most of my visits don't go as planned and not once have I ever sticked to my original itinerary. I've decided that from now on, I will make no plans and go with the flow... which is pretty much what I did this past weekend except the fact that I somewhat had a plan. Next time, none.

The CSS Party was a lot of fun and I had a great time just dancing the night away with many photo opportunities and giggle or laugh my butt off sessions in between. I'll post some pictures up when I get the chance, but there are just too many (some of the same people and poses) that its hard for me to choose the best ones to post right now. Maybe later.

Initially, Disneyland was in the picture but as expected, we didn't stick to this because of the time restraint and much left that needed to be done. I got a chance to hang out with Sam's family... which was always a pleasure since the opportunity is obviously scarce due to the distance. His mom is a sweet, caring, and humble woman whom I have grown closer with these last few days. I can only imagine what it would be like to be the only woman in the house with a husband and three grown sons. She definitely wants a daughter... and is now waiting for a daughter to marry into the family. This topic and suggestion came up many times during the conversations that we had, and it was hard for me to take and respond seriously since its such a serious and emotional (to me) topic. Sam's aunt came over the first morning I was there with goodies for me and greeted me with a hug telling me how much she missed me since the last time we saw each other in April. Its so surreal to be accepted and welcomed into the family of the one you love... such a great feeling. I felt very guilty for visiting and not having anything for the family... not even a little token of me or my Washington residency. :( Note to self: Next time, show a little bit more appreciation and a gift basket couldn't hurt.

On Saturday, Sam's mom woke us up to some yummy "katiev" that had everything! Mmmmm... it was definitely yummy and now I understood why he always bragged about his home cooked meals... lucky butt! He brought me to South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa on Saturday. I couldn't believe some of the stores I saw and was intimidated by the many shoppers with many bags from the stores that I can only dream of affording a toothpick from. My gosh, shopping is serious business over there and Valet Parking at the freakin' mall is typical. Nevertheless, it was a neat experience and I've officially made it my goal that one day I can become a frequent visitor and shopper (not window) at that mall. Sam and I managed to score a few deals there... even if the SALES were nothing special or extravagant to the other shoppers. Oh well, more for me! I told myself that I wasn't going to spend too much money this weekend since I'm pretty much broke, but I just couldn't help it. Actually, I didn't get too much for myself... Sam did more shopping than I did... as usual! There is one thing he got that I am very much in love with... it was a microfiber down comforter from Brookstone. I can't explain it, but you'd have to feel it to believe that its the best comforter out there that doesn't shed feathers and is machine washable. Feeling it is one thing, but actually sleeping in it skin to fabric is another thing that I just can't describe without too many oooh's and aaah's. We spent the whole day there... and took a short break at The Boiling Crab for crawfish with Durand, Lily, and Samorn. My first time at the very much talked about place and I loved it to a certain extent. Maybe I'm just a lazy person, but thats a whole lot of work you have to do for such a small piece of meat. I found myself enjoying the shrimps and corn more... it was less work. :) After the Boiling Crab break, we were back at South Coast until about 11pm when it was closing. Yeah, it sounds pretty crazy and quite embarrassing how long we can stay at the mall for... but at least we didn't walk out of there empty handed. We didn't get back home until about midnight and surprisingly, the other guys were over there playing poker. Man... poker is serious business to them and once poker's in the picture, I'm out the window! That night, I was able to upload pictures from the party and have a chit chat session with Sivhui. When we thought that the night was over around 4am, they decided to hold a Ping Pong tournament until nearly 6am. When Sam told me that he was buying a pool table and ping pong table for the house, I thought he was kidding and lost his mind. Little did I know that they can all be so easily entertained. Oh well... I guess I'd rather have him entertained by sports and those boyish games than by strippers or casinos.

I was spoiled by Sam's mom... she knew what I liked and managed to make it for me. Sunday's lunch was delicious to me, and her sons always tease her saying that its not tasty... but its obvious that they enjoyed it when each one of the sons need about two refills each per meal. I think its cute how they all can joke around with their mom like that. The brakes on his car went out and he had to get that fixed before we did anything that day... even with as much as we had to do before the Gift Exchange. Even with all the shopping we did, Sam still couldn't find anything for the person he drew. Finally, he did... but we were running late to the actual exchange ourselves. Not to mention, it was a potluck and we had to pick up some food on the way. He told his mom even before I got there on Thursday that I have never had her special, "Spicy Spaghetti"... so she made it for us that evening. I was the last one who ate since I was still busy wrapping up the gifts, but she managed to make and save me a plate until when I am ready to eat. Geeesh... told you I was spoiled! Anyways, it was the best type of spaghetti just like Sam had bragged about it before.

A Secret Santa gift exchange was organized for the other Cali couples and I... and it was great fun! Ever since we drew names, I bugged each and everyone of them trying to sucker them into telling me who they drew. Sadly, no one trusted me and my big fat mouth! Guess who drew MY name!! SAMORN! Yep... Sam's younger brother. What's funny is that the entire weekend when I was with them, I was bashing my Santa because he didn't ask me questions and was inactive... and was under the impression that Samorn drew Durand! I felt really stupid when I found out it was him... and he probably hates me! Well, actually... I don't think he does! The limit was $30, and he totally went overboard and spent well over $100, I'm sure. For the first time in about 5 years that I've had a thick, soft, and warm robe on my wishlist, this is the first time I actually got one! It was NICE and Sam tried to jack it from me... you can probably orgasm just by feeling it because it is THAT soft! I saw the price for this... and it was the limit times two and a half!! And on top of that... I think an investigator told him that I didn't have any Croc's shoes but had wanted some... and so he threw in a pair of the Mammoth Crocs that have a soft and warm lining in the inside. I guess he knew that Washington is THAT cold and wanted to keep me warm! I was told that he didn't spend that much on his "sister"... and that was very touching! Now, I have to figure out a way to top him! :)

Much more to say... but I'd have to continue later since I have MUCH catching up to do. Days off at work are great at the moment, but are true ass biters!

12.14.07 - CSS Christmas Party