December 3, 2007

Let it Snow? Nah... lets not.

This past weekend, I did absolutely nothing and I really don't think I even stepped out of the house. But what else is new nowadays? Well actually, Friday night was relaxing and quite interesting. Turkey pho was served at Grace's house... accompanied by some good ol' wine. I told myself to save my appetite for the day and just indulge that evening... but I couldn't help myself. At about 3pm, I found myself burying my face in some spicy chicken teriyaki. Boy, was it good! :) I did have some turkey pho anyway, and it was pretty good. At first, I thought it was a "different" combination, but it turned out well... considering the fact that it was made by the Iron Chef himself. :)

Was supposed to go crabbing with the crew on Saturday, but what do you know? It snowed... on the first day of December! That obviously got cancelled... and so did the bachelorette party that I was somewhat looking forward to. I am NOT going to drive my poor little car in that kind of weather. Heck, I already hate driving in the rain... you'd gotta be kidding if you really think I'd want to drive in the snow.

So there you have it... I spent my entire weekend roasting my butt next to the fireplace all weekend long with the family. It was pretty nice since everyone came over. I guess my brother and cousins went fishing and brought over 4 HUGE salmons. Geez... I really think that I'll be having salmon for dinner for the entire month of December! Haha!

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