December 30, 2007


Last night, I met up with the girls after hanging out with my sister... all day. Its a great feeling knowing that I can actually hang out with a sister that I've always been so distant from. I invited her to come hang out with my friends and I since Pearl's sister was in town and it would have been nice if MY sister came with us, but she refused. In her words, "I don't hang out with my siblings' friends". LOL... she sucks! I've invited her so many times and I think she's gone hiking with us TWICE... and thats it!

Anyway... last night, I was really late to meet the girls up at Twist. Freakin' downtown and all the one ways... grrr! I could have sworn I've seen the sign for "twist" somewhere near my work and was looking for that orange sign. After about an hour of driving around downtown trying to locate it... even after getting directions from Grace, I found it! I took the risk of parking in a $12 parking lot without paying because it was already midnight and I knew I would be leaving in less than 2 hours. Nearly hit a few nice cars since it was on a slope and the spot was tight, but I didn't... HA!

Good laughs throughout the night and some catching up was done. There were quite a bit of interruptions made by strangers though. The crowd at Twist was an older crowd that seemed a bit more mature and sophisticated... so it was nice. No grimey people grinding on each other or tryin' to grab anyone's ass... so it was nice. Apparently, we were still celebrating my birthday month. LOL! Oh... and a few strangers said that I looked like the "Ring Leader" out of the whole group. I'm not sure if I should have felt offended... but then he jokingly asked if we were all in the same prison or something like that. No offense taken though... nice guy who ended up buying us drinks after inviting us to the VIP lounge... that was pretty much turned down. We'd rather sit out with the "normal" and non VIP people. Then... the cute little bartender girl got me a birthday shot... it was yummy. Then some Hong Konganese guy insisted on buying me a birthday drink as well... don't know what it really was but we guessed it was Limon Vodka and redbull. Made a bet with the dude to see if he can guess what Grace did for a living. I thought that the funniest guess was a cop... which totally made sense too! He tried to get us drinks... but it was too late and beyond last call. Oh well!

Overall, it was a fun and chill night... I really don't mind nights like that. I think I actually enjoy those scenes and those type of crowds. No more mopping the floors at clubs or grinding the girlfriends against the blue walls that stained my dresses. I'm so done with that! :p

Few pictures from Nara's camera... I'll upload mine later and I'm sure Sunny will also! :D

Oh... I got my hair cut earlier that day also. Well, it was more just a trim but I asked her to take off about 3 inches because my hair was just getting TOO long that it looked ick. My bangs... ugh... didn't like it too much and initially wanted to grow them out, but they were just too thick for my liking at the time. So, I asked her to chip on it to thin it out a bit and to point cut it... which she did, but I'm still not too happy with it. Although, I did get my hair deep conditioned and now it feels awesome! Ahhh... starting to love my hair again and trying hard to not fry it by straight ironing it with a clothes iron. But man... thats so easy/fast to do and gives the best results ever (minus the damage)... for the time being anyway! :D

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