December 26, 2007

Wonderful White Christmas

It snowed on Christmas Day... but it didn't stick to the ground, or else it would have been a really white Christmas since it came down pretty hard yesterday.

I had a wonderful Christmas this year... it was really nice and well spent with my family on the actual day and with friends a few days prior. I must say though... that I've never spent so much money on Christmas as I did this year. I shopped nonstop for about a whole week prior! Shopped with Nara... shopped by myself... shopped with my sister. Spent Friday shopping by myself so much that I am so behind on my work. Saturday, my sister and I left the house before noon and didn't get back home until 2am. We stayed at the mall until well after 1am... and grabbed a bite to eat before heading home. Sunday, same routine but left the house even earlier! I think we covered every single mall within a 100 miles radius! Seriously... even made it out to Alderwood mall in Lakewood... wtf!?!?!

On Christmas Eve... we panicked! We left the house at about 9am and ate out with the rest of our family in the morning (my treat... my siblings and parents were a bit shocked because it gets pretty expensive when it comes to our family considering the fact that its such a HUGE family! it was nice though and I felt great being able to treat my entire family all by myself every once in awhile. they kept asking me to make sure it was fine and insisted on paying many times... and my parents were concerned. i was starting to get offended... lol!). Then... we were on a rampage trying to complete our holiday shopping and were in a rut since malls closed at 7pm! Man... it was a workout trying to get through the malls and get everything in such little time (8 hours... haha!).

I got quite a bit of things for myself... oops! :D

My Secret Santas are all so thoughtful and I absolutely love all my gifts! Exchange at Jill's house was FUN but everyone felt really pooped out! I love my present and I hope my recipient liked hers too! Nack went overboard and got me something he really didn't have to... but it was so sweet of him! I felt really bad because I didn't get him anything since I was sticking to the Secret Santa rules and just getting my recipient something. Man... my friends always break the rules... every year! Hmph! I'll make it up to him though! But dude... goes to show that he knows me very well! LOL!

My nieces and nephews loved their gifts and I splurged on them like crazy. Each person in my family got more than one thing from me this year... and my nieces and nephews got at least 5 things each from me. Yeah... my bank account is pretty sad right now, but it was all worth it! Pictures to be posted soon! I'm upset that I forgot my camera battery charger at work this weekend and forgot my camera at home this morning, so now I have to wait for pictures from my sister! Man... thats gonna take forever!

Great Christmas... will post more later when I get a chance... pictures galore!

Here's ONE for now...
The girls at our gift exchange... SOMEONE didn't follow the Christmas Colors rule!
Tsk tsk... Grace & Radley!!

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