December 5, 2007

The Blues?

Its been crazy for me at work... to the point where I almost just wanna sit here and cry. I guess I'm sort of overwhelmed by it all, but I'm somewhat enjoying the crunch. I don't know if that makes sense, but it sure does to me.

Monday morning started off with an email from my boss... asking me when I'd like to have my in office birthday celebration... the Friday before or the Monday after since it falls on a Sunday this year. I figured, Friday would be best since everything's cooled down at work by then. So that's that. I didn't really feel like celebrating because I know that its been busy around here and honestly, I just have a lot on my plate right now... especially knowing that I'd be gone for nearly two days next week. (I know thats not a lot of time, but I guess I'm just nervous taking time off for the first time at a new job, yanno?) But hey... its always fun to just hang out with the coworkers for an hour or two during work hours.

Then, Nara emailed me asking me about my birthday plans. Honestly, again, I had nothing planned and really didn't intend to. I don't even feel like its anywhere near my birthday. And with the last few years being crazy partied out celebrations, I didn't know if I really needed to celebrate this time around. Besides, I know how stressful it is for almost everyone financial wise around this time of year... for me also. I think we've all been having crazy workloads lately, so she wanted to do something at her new condo this weekend... and I'm all up for something really low key. Therefore, this weekend's get together was perfect to me... and Nara's so sweet to do this for me. :)

Grace insisted that we do something tonight, so we are. Totally spontaneous and this morning, we didn't even know where we were going. In her words, we're going to "kick off" my birthday month tonight. Damn... a month is a long ass time to be celebrating... I think I'd die before Christmas! So yeah... Del Ray it is tonight... so sweet of her to coordinate and also nice of the people who are going to be here for me on such a last minute's notice. I'm telling you... I have the greatest friends ever! I can't wait to see them tonight... even when I look like crap with a huge red dot on my nose from picking and poking at a pore every night just because for the past two weeks or something like that. Ugh! Oh well... I guess Rudolph has some competition this year, doesn't he?

Despite the crazies at work, the ladies in the office are insisting that we all go out on Friday night after work. Will start it off at a bar nearby and paint the town red... or maybe turn it down a notch and just pink. I'm glad my coworkers and my friends can get along. Well, I'm sure they can this Friday... but boy... I'm kind of nervous at the thought of all these festivities. What's funny is that we had a semi conference call between some of the ladies to discuss the plans. Haha... I'm lucky to have such a fun and sweet bunch to call my coworkers... makes coming to work every morning much more pleasing and enjoyable.

Okay... I think they're almost here to pick me up to kick off my birthday month (haha)... wish me luck! :)

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