December 20, 2007

Ladies Night

Its nice to have some of the most respectable and caring women in your life to call your closest friends. I think I've somewhat grown out of the phase where I enjoy having many "friends" to call my own and am now wanting to focus on the REAL friends whom I know would be there for me if I needed them most at the drop of a pin.

Last night Ladies' Night session was very much needed. It sucks having miscommunication with people you are closest to and sensing tensions but being afraid to ask or point it out to avoid confrontation and possibilities of further conflicts. I'm glad that my friends are understanding and more mature than people TRY to portray them to be.

I guess I'm just tired of people. Yes... I said it. It was hard for Nara to believe that I was saying that... and it was hard for me to accept what I was saying too. But no... its not that I am tired of people and considering befriending animal friends (Nara!)... but I'm just sick of people giving me shit for reasons that aren't even valid or at the least bit logical.

I've been trying to avoid my dramatic ways and am enjoying living a life with less drama than I've experienced in the past. I think that my biggest mistake(s) in life is trusting people too damn easily. Its not hard for people to be everyone's best friend... all you gotta do is be fake and try to suck up to the people in their faces at the moment while bashing the people you were just friends with only few minutes prior. Yeah... those are the people who still see this as a popularity contest and still trying to compete to see who has the most Myspace friends. Its annoying... immature... and really all bullshit.

This past weekend, I was called, "Selfish". Usually, I wouldn't take it to heart because there are many times that I am selfish... no denial there. But for this situation in particular... I don't think I was the least bit selfish. It makes me wonder if people know the exact definition of this... and it boggles me to see that people like to throw it around before even looking in the mirror. Another good one is "fake". Sheesh... talk about being self righteous and throwing yourself up on a pedestal!

All I am saying is that if people believe that others are "selfish" or "fake"... just don't associate yourselves with them. Heck... if anyone thinks I am either... or anything else they find displeasing... just leave me alone already. Trust me... I'm not bleeding and I'm breathing just fine.

Instigation is a bigger bitch than procrastination. Really... it makes me wonder if people are just THAT bored with themselves and their lives to even want to bother with other people's issues that have absolutely nothing to do with them. Maybe its just an opportunity for them to be one's best friend... who knows?

I'm speaking in general here and if anyone feels scratched or the least bit itched by this, then don't question it. It is what it is and if it strikes chords, then B-I-N-G-O! Here's a cookie to you for solving a riddle (somewhat). I don't feel like wasting my time confronting any individuals because I feel that I've invested enough of my time with them and in this blog entry. Again, if you feel that this is for written out for you or towards you, then please read it over and over again to the point where you can actually accept this and move on.

Consider this a venting session... consider this a bitching session... either is fine with me. Take it for what it is.

P.S. If you're wondering if I'm PMSing... the answer is YES. But don't blame your stupidity on my PMS either... capiche?

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  1. Hahah, WTH? I didn't leave my human/people for animals. I suggested maybe you should make an animal friend if you are tired of people, LOL.