December 26, 2007

Busy as hell.. but took a survey anyway!

1. Do you think you can last in a relationship for 4 months?
I don't think I've been in a relationship for less than 4 months...

2. What color are your eyes?
At birth? Brown. Right now? Gray... yeah... they're fake.

3. Who was the first person that you texted this morning?
One of the Seattle club promoters. I should really start charging all of them.

4. Do you have a best friend(s)?
I have a few friends that I am VERY close to. :)

5. What is one thing you say a lot?
"Are you freakin' kidding me?" "Oh.My.God!" "I.J.K!" "Me too, me too!"

6. Where is your ex right now?
I don't know and I don't really care. Forgot I even have one... haha!

7. Are you married?

8. Have you ever told someone of the opposite sex you loved them?
Every single day! :)

9. Is there anyone that doesn't like you because of something you didn't do?
Of course... there's many, actually. Do I care? Hell no.

10. Do you miss someone?
I do...

11. Did any of your friends go out with any of your ex's?
High school doesn't count, does it?

12. Do you own a cell phone?
Yeah... and it sucks.

13. Are looks important?
To an extent. If someone says NO... then they're lying to you.

14. What are you wearing right now?
Skinny jeans and loose black top... just kicked off my black peep toe pumps!

15. Are you mad at someone right now?
Not really... but maybe I should be just to spice things up?

16. Are you taking anyone for granted?
Probably. Horrible, I know.

17. Where do you keep your money?
Money? What's that?

18. Kissed in the rain?
Probably not for a very long time since I get cold too easily.

19. Would you rather sleep with someone else or alone?
With my Superman please... or my little nieces and nephews can cuddle with me! Hehe... I love body heat!

21. How did you wake up this morning?
LATE! My alarm didn't go off and I got too used to the extended weekend. Didn't wanna wake up!

22. Which is more romantic: sunrise or sunset?
Both... but I'd have to say... well... BOTH.

23. What was the highlight of your day?
Not a damn thing. Crazy busy day.

24. Would you die for anyone?
Depends on the person and the circumstances.

25. What's the last bone you broke?
Mine or someone else's? Haha... kidding!

26. How many different letters are in your last name?
L.I.M... three!

28. What book did you read last?
I was going to say my Dale Carnegie book... but then I'd be lying since I just read a Scooby Doo book to my nephews the other day! Haha!

29. How was your day?
Didn't we already answer this question?

31. Are you scared of spiders?
Yeah... they're so gross that they're scary.

34. What do you think of Fergie?
I don't really think about her.

35. Do you believe in love?
Of course... I'm a romantic and love being romanced!

36. How old do you want to be when you have kids?
I used to think 23... but now that I'm 23, 28 is more reasonable. LOL

38. Do you curse a lot?
Depends on the situation... sometimes I probably don't even mean it or just doing it out of mockery.

39. What do you know about the future?
Its unpredictable.

40. Do you hate your last boyfriend/girlfriend?
It takes too much energy to really hate someone. I just don't care about them.

41. Do you only drink bottled water?
Yeah... thats if I even drink water at all. LOL

42. Are you happier single or with a boyfriend/girlfriend?
I'd still be happy if I was single, but I love being with my boyfriend right now (not physically, unfortunately).

43. Do you believe everyone deserves a second chance?
Dude... these questions shouldn't be so broad. It all depends on the freakin' situation.

44. Would you believe your ex if she/he said they love you?
HA! Thats a funny one.

45. Most hated food?
What's there to hate about food? Actually... I hate pickles... and picked cabbage and bean sprouts. Nasty.

46. What are you doing tomorrow?

47. Do you wish someone would call you?
No... if I did, I'd just call them.

48. Do you miss your first love?
I don't even know who/what my first love is... but I'm guessing that my current boyfriend is my first true/real love.

50. What's something or someone you wish you could understand better?
My cousin Lynna... she's 15 years old and was born with a disability that prevents her from verbally communicating with us and doing the things that most people her age (or any age) would do. I wish I knew what was on her mind... and can talk to her. :( I love her.

51. Do you want someone you can't have?
Who can I not have? Haha... kidding! No... I already have what I want.

52. If someone doesn't like you, it's usually because?
They judge me too quickly. Its their loss. :)

53. Would you say you are date smart?
I'm smart. Period.

54. What are you excited about?
Las Vegas, Nevada next weekend!

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