December 26, 2007

Can't Believe my Eyes!

I had to tell Nara what I had witnessed on Friday night! Then... I had to forward the chat to some of my other friends. LOL... Sam was on the phone so he had already heard what happened!

me : short on people... lol
yeah me too
but i have to tell you
you know on friday after jill's... i came back to work to get my laptop and some work
and i saw people f*cking in the parking lot next to my garage!
11:30 AM like literally too!
Sovannara: lol
the outside parking lot?
me: pants to the knees and the dude was helping the girl pull up her pants!
Sovannara: haha
they saw you?
me: you know how i turn left... and parking lot is on the right hand side
i pulled in the alley waiting for garage to open fully
turn to my right and saw them!
i'm sure they saw me because i was RIGHT there!
11:31 AM i was so disgusted! haha
actually got kind of scared... hahaha!
11:36 AM Sovannara: hahaha

Talk about KINKY, right??

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