April 1, 2007


I have met and crossed paths with so many people during the many years of my existence. Everyone is different and each one seems to leave some sort of impression on me. Many I have befriended and still grow to appreciate and love. Some, I wish I never did befriend... but you live and you learn. There are also some that I saw right through straight from the beginning, and I still stand by those impressions.

I believe that I have good judgement of character. So far, I've been right. No matter how much some people try to portray themselves as something sweet, innocent, or even genuine and kind... I see right through them. I don't feel the need to get to know them nor do I feel the need to have them in my life. And I most definitely would NEVER pretend that I am cool with them or like them. If I don't like you, I'll tell you how it is. I will say it to your face much more than I might say it to anyone else. I don't deny what I say and I can actually own up to what I say and do. Sadly, not many other people can say this. I don't use people and I most certainly don't betray people whom I care for. Please don't beat around the bush and try to convince yourself as something that you're not. You know yourself and it would be silly for you to try to fool yourself as you try to fool others. And for the record, many people see the real you as well and they say and talk a lot of shit about you and pretend to be civil with you... some are even your closest friends now. Get over yourself... accept the fact that not everyone likes you and many have much to say about you but say it to others... including myself. You should be glad that I am straightforward with you and tell you how it is rather than be as fake as you and your friends are. You should be thanking me actually... but you can save it.

Oh... and yes... I am obnoxious. Never denied it and I don't care to convince anyone else otherwise. ESPECIALLY when they are merely a scab to me. If scabs are there, they're there... but if I pick them off, its even better. I am careless only to people I don't give a shit about... duh. Don't try to bend yourself to try to understand me... I promise I'll try not to jump off a cliff if you don't understand or like me. Promise.

And to the people who have issues with me, I'd rather you be straight forward with me and say shit to my face if you have a problem. Scandalous and shady bitches... you know who you are. If you think that I'm talking about you, then I probably am. Please, have a word with me. I'm dying to hear what YOU have to say. Don't make me mention names or call you out... y'alls should already know that it wouldn't be pretty.


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