April 13, 2007

Happy New Year!!

(that reads "Soursdey Chnam Tmey"...
meaning-- "Happy New Year" in Khmer)

As we welcome the New Year today (or throughout the month), be thankful for the beautiful country of Cambodia... where we came from... our roots. Happy New Year to everyone back at home as well!


I want to wish y'all a very happy, healthy, wealthy, and prosperous New Year... and life altogether! Take care of yourself and each other. Lets start the new year off right with a fresh and clean slate... shall we? YES!

Ladies... pick out the perfect outfit for the temple and don't forget to bring out the "chan srak"! (even if you don't know how to cook like me, think of it as an accessory to your outfit!) ;) Guys... prettify and brace yourselves... you're bound to see many "srey sa'ath" this year at the temple. Single? Be ready to search for a wife! I'M SERIOUS TOO! With all the flirtatious games "bos choong", "leak konsaing"... the possibilities are endless! Please kids... baby powder I'm cool with... but lay off the shaving cream, kay? It dries up the skin if you don't rinse it right away! Lipstick is a no no... and please no chocolates! If you get me... be ready for me to get you 10 times worse! wuahahhahah! *evil laugh*

And just wanted to share one of my favorite Khmer New Years' songs:

Saravan Chnam Tmey

Enjoy, everyone! And stay out of trouble, kay? :D


p.s. yeah... i totally googled and stole these images from other sites... don't act like you don't do it too! starting the new year with honesty here... haha!

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