April 3, 2007

Lied to...

Its one thing being lied to but its something else when you lie to yourself. Take yourself off that pedastal you seem to always put yourself on. Maybe its not your fault that you are oblivious of the truth since you seem to enjoy the company of such fake people you surround yourself with. Truth being that you are not exactly everyone's favorite person. Matter of fact, you are probably a lot of people's least favorite person. I usually give people the benefit of the doubt, but I am willing to bet that your innocent and well liked proclamations and lack of acknowledgement of dislikes towards you is all denial.

I can accept the fact that people don't like me and it doesn't hurt me one bit. Why? Because I know that I'm being real and honest with what I say. Stop sugar coating yourself... sweet usually turns bitter in due time.

People like you are in cloud nine... and its nearly impossible for anyone to bring you back down to earth. Its okay though... deep down, you know the real you despite what you try to portray to others. As I said, I'll let you live with those skeletons in your closet. Continue with the bullshit that you are genuinely nice and "care" for people when evidentally, you are nothing but a conniving, scandalous, and fake broad that you've always tried to convince others AND yourself otherwise.

A mask can only last so long in this rough world... eventually, people will know and see the real you. I'm gifted... your mask is transparent to me. Go on and pretend you're something that you're not... and I will continue to be a member of your audience and laugh at all your acts.

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