April 14, 2007

Last Night at EQC...

I'm telling you... last night was an over the top confidence booster. My head and Grace's nearly exploded... we almost had to be carried out. Although, at the same time, it was a good reminder that I probably have the best man a girl can ask for. He'd never do or say 90% of the things I encountered and heard last night. Hallelujah! And the fact that he is incredibly handsome and insanely sweet and caring doesn't hurt either! :D

i was bored at work... do you blame me? ;p

The place was packed... and it was HUGE! I have never seen so many Cambodians in one place before. It was nice to hang out with friends and also run into old friends that I haven't seen in awhile. It was kind of weird hanging out with my parents' friends though... I had to hold my composure. Nevertheless, it was good times... but when is it ever bad times for me? NEVER!

Grace got me to play blackjack for the first time ever and I won $100+!!! I wanted to give the money to Grace since it was her $10 chips that she gave me to play... but homegirl refused because she won nearly $200 too! Apparently I'm her good luck charm since she started winning when I sat next to her and so did I. Once I left and came back... she was down... and I mean really down! Lucky Thyda came back and we were up up up again! Gambling is not my forte... I'm so clueless and have a tendency to ask the person next to me or the dealer herself what I should do next! Haha... sad!

It was a great night...

Happy New Years!!

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