April 24, 2007

California - MORE Pictures

My trip to California was AWESOME! Too bad my camera is being fixed and so we had to use Sam's camera (which I love), but it also broke on Saturday night. :( There are a lot more pictures coming from Nack, Pania, and Ben's cameras though since we all traveled together... sort of.

Our flight was to depart at about 3 something PM. I didn't finish packing until 2pm! I know I know... I'm such a procrastinator and actually forgot my different purses for the weekend and got stuck with just my brown clutch! Oh well... it worked! I got to the airport later than the guys and they grew a bit concerned since they called me right before the gate was about to close. Nack, Ben, Pania, Bong Neang and I all flew together. They each sat with one another except for ME! Its okay though... I made a friend... a nice lady who was going down to San Diego to visit her mom. I didn't get to sleep at all on the plane since I was chatting with her the entire time. Keep in mind, I didn't get much sleep the night prior either because I was too excited!

Long Beach was so cold once we arrived! Seattle was stinkin' beautiful as we left so I was in a short skirt and a polo. Weather really disappointed me. The guys went with Bong Neang since he lives down there while Sam picked me up. We dropped my stuff off at my sister's place which was SO close to the airport. My sister joined us for dinner at Sophy's as well. I was glad because its rare that my siblings want to hang out with me. We waited for SO long to get our table to accommodate all of us. There was Sam, Saroun, Ben, Pania, Nack, Bong Neang, Chad, Borann, Kevin, Lily, Sambath, Lee, Rocky, Sal, and I there... so it was awhile before we got a table for 15 at such a small place. Dinner was delicious and we had Bong Neang pick out all the dishes. I must say that Sambath should be pronounced "KingFish"... he pretty much ate 3 whole fishies all by himself. Way cute! :D

Most of us continued the evening at Bamboo Island where we karaoked and danced. We took over the whole place since no one was there. Bong Neang did a great job entertaining all of us and it was fun just dancing and practicing the different ways of Mardizone together. Good times!

I think he's getting sleepy?

i love the FOUR stooges!

i don't know how to look normal w/ a camera around. sorry

at Bamboo Island

everybody dance now!

my older and more beautiful sister :)

Bong Neang is SUCH an entertainer... Serey and I as backup dancers/singers!

Chad joined in!

Sam came over to pick me up early on Friday. I experimented with my sister's costume wigs that morning. Sam was a bit disgusted but I loved it because I've always wanted an afro! :D Met up with the rest of the guys at New Paradise for lunch. Food was sooooooooo good! But then again, everything is good to me! We later went to Cerritos mall where I got my sunglasses for only $10 at Nordstrom! Sam felt the need to copy me and get similar sunglasses... but for over 10 times the price! Sheeeesh! I like my cheap sunglasses... thank you! :D I guess it made more sense since I lose my stuff all the time while his last forever! Haha... goes to show who is the more responsible one of the two... not I! :D

We later went to the beach when it stopped raining for a second. I was so irritated by the rain and had no idea we'd be going to the beach so I was in heels, a big loose shirt and long jeans that day! While we walked through the sand, my heels sunk and it looked like I was wearing flats with my jeans rolled up a bit to prevent them from getting sandy or wet. Looked a bit awkward... but oh well!

Mike and Paline threw a get together that night since I was in town. It was also Durand's birthday so Sam and I picked up some wine and yummy cheesecake. Sivhui and Mac brought some yummy boklahong, Mike and Paline provided some Korean BBQ, and Lily and Durand brought some delicious roasted corn with the coconut sauce thingy... soooooooo good! Too bad Veronica and CJ couldn't join us for long since they had prior plans. It was nice seeing them though since I hadn't seen them since September because they went to New York for New Years while the rest of us were in Vegas. I got them all to try Moscato and they all agreed that its really good wine! I corrupted them Californians a bit with the game of "High/Low"... it was hilarious! Should have seen how fast each one of them turned red! LOL! We later danced around in the living room to Khmer music after pushing the couch and coffee table back. Good times! Oh... and I am no longer a Dance Dance Revolution virgin... I played that darn thing for the first time ever after refusing for so long now. Its not my kind of dancing... haha! We all didn't knock out over there until around 3am. Slumber Party!

as you can see, he wasn't thrilled about the wig

but i LOVED it!!

i hate dogs... but i liked that ONE.

$12 sunglasses? exciting!

Nack is such a bum sometimes. :)

Found you, Mister New Booty!

Hello, Handsome!

I don't know why he bothers, I always win! ;)

Almost as hot as my boyfriend!

trying to be a Sunglass Hut model? haha...

Washingtonians... notice my rolled up jeans and sunk heels!
They are such bad influences... turned me SILLY!


They fly high, no lie, we know this... BALLIN'!

i like this picture because my hair looks cool! :)

i swear... i'm NOT a monkey!

He thought I couldn't do it. HA!

i wonder why my eyes were so BIG in this picture! haha

happy birthday, Mister Pinky!

Mardizone anyone? Sam getting camera happy upstairs

why are Lily and Durand looking at Mikal and I like we crazy?

well... MAYBE we are?

We got up and left Mike and Paline's since 6am after going to bed at 3am. We were drained and I felt bad for falling asleep while poor Sam was driving all alone. I just didn't want to miss my sister before she left to the park. Sam and I had to go to his coworker's baby shower. We grabbed them a gift, got me my Starbucks fix, picked up a mat "ka-thael" at Sam's parents' house and headed for the shower. It was nice and quite relaxing. Apparently, his coworkers didn't believe that Sam really had a girlfriend. They thought he took pictures off the internet or a magazine or something... flattering, huh? When we were there, I heard his coworkers whispering, "she's real..." and I turned around and smiled. Then they explained to me that they didn't believe that I was Sam's girlfriend until they saw me! Haha... silly!

Sam and his coworkers with imaginations! ;) haha

After we left the shower at about 1:30 or so, we didn't get to the park until nearly 2pm! After we got there, we waited in line to park for about an hour! So we didn't really get there until well into the event already. I finally met Bong K and Bong Arprim! It was so much fun meeting them! They're SO silly and totally grabbed my kakoot like they said they would... but I think I got them back pretty good! Haha... got a video to prove it! Thanks Mister Miles!

i LOVE my Bong Bong's!

as promised.

that could be YOU in those empty spaces! LOL

Met up with my sisters and my nephew soon after hanging out with Sam's parents for a little bit. His parents were really prepared and had food to spare! Haha... you know me and food... I was a happy camper but also wanted to try the food sold there and see what all the fuss is about! Waited in line for about an hour and finally got our food right when the park was closing! I did get to meet some KCers before then though. Always a pleasure!

The sisters and Chris... my nephew!

My older sister insisted we all take a picture with Sam! :)

Sisterly love!

with Som and Leena

Tape digs the PEACE signs... no lie!

my beautiful niece... she's so grown up!

my sista from another motha, Sovina and V!! LOVE them!

tell me WHY i am so Gangsta, Nack!?!?

It was great to finally meet Michael (LoveMyRice) even if it was only for a few minutes. We played phone tag all day, and finally got to meet up. He's very pleasant and such a nice guy... and I really mean it too! :D Now hand over the 5 bucks you promised, Michael! HAHA

i tried SO hard not to look at the camera!

i think i can, i think i can!

okay he's learning a bit TOO much from me.

what's up with all these kakoot shots?

typical Cambodian pose... don't act like you don't do this!
Knack... which apartment window were you lookin' through?

LONELY... Pania's so LONELY! :)

my almost pretty moment...

ruined by this asshole. (literally)

so sick of the freakin' paparazzi!


More pictures to come but here are some of the most patient and caring Man and I at Signal Hill later that day. I have HIM and my sister to thank most for this wonderful past weekend!

We finished off the night at the Sarong party at NuArt Cafe! SO much fun! Bong K and Bong Arprimm are so sweet that they stopped by just to say HELLO to me and then proceeded to Dragon House. *blush* They sure know how to make this pa'oun feel extra special! I refrianed myself from posting too many pictures of people that I don't know or don't have permission to post their pictures... so don't mind the many pictures of me. But then again, thats nothing new... my readers should be used to that by now! ;) HAHA

My heels are the shortest... no fair!

Our famous... uhhh... GANG SIGN!?!?

Told you they love me!

I like singing and acting out the songs when I dance! haha... KARAOKE!

Ate a sandwich while dancing w/ infamous KingFish! LOL

Mikal looks so lonely! HAHA

My cousin and I... he's SO tall!

I don't know her but she's pretty!

I love these girls... can't wait to see them again in July!

Birthday boy and Cheesy Boy! :D

If only this picture wasn't blurry... darn!

Why do Sam and Nack both look pisst off? HAHA

I think you dropped something in there, Lily! I'll get it!

Gotta love this one! ;)

It was quite a memorable weekend indeed. Too bad I didn't get any pictures of my last two days there since the camera broke. Its okay though... next time, next time!

I miss you, Long Beach! :) See you soon...