April 9, 2007


My weekend was so awesome. Fun, fun, fun. There was never a dull moment... never! I admit... my two buddies from Long Beach who are visiting have quite a bit to do with that. They're such dorks, but I kinda love them... sometimes. :D

Friday: Twilight Lounge for Bernadette's birthday. It was my first time wearing shorts in a LONG time so I ended up smellling like sunless tanning lotion and bronzer since I haven't been tanning in what seems like forever! I thought I had forgotten how to dance... haha... I think I have good memory when it comes to that. First time out in a long time... but it was all worth it! I even got to meet another KCer! FallenAngelz! She's so sweet and absolutely adorable! She came up to me while I waited for Grace and Lee with Sunaro outside the club and asked if I go on KhmerConnection. I knew right away who she was and was really glad to have finally met her after so many years on KC and living in the same area. I really hope to see her and hopefully hang out with her more in the future... she's cool in my book! ;)

These ladies... they're pretty much my heroes. Seriously. Love them!

Only picture w/ birthday girl that is "postable"... haha! Happy Birthday, Dette!

Nara... you like the way I gloss? :D

One of our Californian guests... my BFF... but then I fired him! :D

Saturday: Woke up and had Dim Sum with Rocky, Lee, Nara, and Seung. The food was so good and the chicken feet... mmmmm! We were ALL stuffed and were so surprised at how cheap Joy Palace was. Its officially my favorite Dim Sum spot now for the price! They're haters for criticizing the bitter and strong coffee that I love. I think they're just weak! Hehe! We continued to go to the Space Needle since the Californians had never been. Thanks to Seung for saving us an arm and two legs for the ride tickets and the valet! :D The guys may deny it all they want, but I know they each had a huge hole in their stomach during the ride. Rocky was SO stiff when the elevator went up... and he's already stiff as it is! Hehe... please don't kill me!

My EX Best Buddy Always and My EX Best Friend Forever... FIRED!

My attempt to kiss Ichiro once again...
He's not cute... I just like the fact he can't talk back... in English!

Saturday Evening: It was the UW's Khmer Student Association New Years' Show that evening. Of course, we attended! :) The show itself was awesome and I have no complaints about the food. I laughed throughout the whole show and the whole crew did an awesome job! It makes me miss being a part of the whole process and taking part in the show itself, but I actually got to enjoy the show as an audience this time around. Very well worth it and I love being a spectator even more than a performer! The band was awesome and I pretty much knew every song they sang... meaning that I enjoyed them very much because of their great selection of songs! I don't even think I stopped dancing once! I can't wait until next years show and party again. KhSA's shows/parties have always been my favorite in Washington anyhow!

xxnirorthxx, peachygrace, narizm, mscambodia2002

Nara's niece, Rosalina (Thida... thats her middle name... hehe) and I (Thyda)
*we believed that she hates me, but I think that deep down, she really loves me*

Sunday: Definitely bonding time with my sister and niece. What did we do? Yep! We ATE, ATE, ATE! We also went to Ikea to pick up stuff for the house. Ikea is always fun... its definitely one of my favorite stores. In a way, its motivational and makes me want to have my own place... but at the same time its depressing because its a reminder that I'm nowhere close to having my own house. :( Anyhow... we ate some more and then had a movie night and watched The Pursuit of Happyness. My second time seeing it, and I didn't fail to cry... again. I really love that movie.

So there you have it... my quite eventful weekend. Now I just wanna sleep on this rainy Monday. *sigh*

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