April 29, 2007


I love Sundays. So slow... yet so relaxing.

I got to talk to my mommy for a little bit the other night. I really missed her and my daddy... they're coming home on Friday. I can't wait to see them... and the little goodies they might have brought me. Also miss the kids... and I admit... I miss my brother and sister too.

Went hiking yesterday with Grace, my sister, and my niece. We were on the WRONG trail and didn't even realize it! Good thing we decided to turn back after failing to find our destination because the man/ranger we ran into told us that we wouldn't have made it within a day if we were to continue! HA! I had fun though... nice workout and the incline was crazy! This only means that I have yet to conquer Otter Falls. Next weekend perhaps?

Off to Dim Sum with the rest of the fam now... ciao!

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