March 6, 2007

According to

I was reminded that I have an account on another Khmer online community today. Decided to log in and found a little self description of myself that I posted over a year ago:

i am a very very outgoing young lady. i can talk your ears off if you let me... so don't let me! i am learning little things about life... slowly. trying to take it all in and make better decisions for myself. i can be very naive at times... but i am trying hard to change that. although i am outgoing and seem to be very open, i am also quite reserved when it comes to personal issues. i always thought that i was an optimistic person, but its kind of hard to stay this way when you are stuck in certain situations. i admire strong, independent, and intelligent women. actually, i admire anyone who has done anything for themself and is happy with who and what they are. i may come off as bubbly and air-headed... maybe thats the way i want you to perceive me... but if you're going to judge me and really believe that i am that way, then perhaps you aren't worth my time? no one is perfect and i am far from perfect... nor do i pretend that i am or try to be. i have endless flaws and i believe i learn a new one each and every single day. need more?

And I STILL stand by that! :)

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