March 9, 2007

Good times...

Its always a pleasure to hang out with old friends every now and then... and also meet and make new ones. Yesterday, I was able to persuade and round up other KCers to join me for dinner. It seems like they had a good time though! It was quite an interesting night and I still feel bad for Ben and Christina for witnessing the crazy, talking non-stop side of me. I'm not going to get into details, but I am pretty sure that they are never ever going to ride with me again. And if they do, they will be sure to bring ear plugs. For some reason, they stayed quiet 99.2% of the time. The 0.8% of the time was when they said, "Oh..." or "Yeah..." to acknowledge the fact that I was talking and they were STILL listening. LOL!

KCers at Phnom Penh Noodle House, Seattle

Nevertheless, the night was filled with many laughs. I still don't understand why ALL of my friends... I mean every group of my friends seem to make fun of me ALL the time. According to Rod, I make it easy. According to others, it just comes out naturally. Hmph! Even so, I had a lot of fun with my KCer homies... :) It was a low key night... no alcohol and dancing was involved... but I loved it!

Hope BigGameHunter had a great time... and hoping that he didn't go home with the conclusion of, "Seattle people are crazy!" or "I don't ever want to go back to Seattle!"

Its so hard to get into little details about the night, but just know that it evolved around my stories and KC! Many missed turns and wrong turns, mistaking strangers for BigGameHunter and throwing a PEACE sign at a complete stranger. Little do they know, I only made those wrong turns and twists because I wanted to spend more quality time in the car with them! Hahaha... I can't wait to get together with everyone again. Especially when they all serenaded me (or I'd like to believe so) with my favorite Khmer songs. I have lots of favorites. I still can't believe that Nack has that many songs on his Karaoke thingy that has to be used with a huge computer monitor because its so tough, a regular TV can't handle it! LOL

Those KC addicts and myself...

And to the people who took pictures or whose cameras got hijacked by me, make sure you send me the pictures... or ELSE! :D *evil laugh*

KCers included: Recca, Nack, Kwii, Narizm, SimplyGrl, BorosWA, BigGameHunter, and yours truly. Oh... BReal was there too... kinda! Haha...

Thank you, Buk_Dom for our dessert... all the way from the eastcoast!

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