March 5, 2007

A little honesty couldn't hurt...

For those who don't like me, It goes MIND over MATTER...I don't MIND,And you don't MATTER.

We can't expect everyone to like us or agree with everything that we say or do. That's life. Things are not always going to go our way and we can't seem to get everyone to see things in our perspective. That's life. People are going to be honest with us and say things that might hurt us or demean us in one way or another. That's life.

In this little journey that we like to call life, we are bound to face many challenges and obstacles that can be critical to our future. Why would we waste our time worrying about the opinions of people that mean nothing to us? People that don't know us and we would never want for them to know of us anyhow? The only people who really matter to me are the people that I care about. If I truly care about you, how you feel about me is more valuable than anything else to me. If you never took the time to get to know me and judged me from what you see at the surface, then chances are, your endless words and thoughts of me wouldn't budge me one bit. I commend you for trying anyhow.

I don't seem to understand why people feel that they need to portray themselves as being whole hearted, genuine, and kind. Worst of all, I don't see the benefits of self proclaiming these characteristics when it only contradicts the individual. If you are really what you claim and would like for others to believe you are, people would see it and you wouldn't have to emphasize it yourself. Your endless proclamations are old and tiring, and no one will be fooled by it but yourself. But then again, you shouldn't take my words to heart because I mean nothing to you. I'd be contradicting myself if I asked you to take my words into consideration. Its your call... just know that your claims to have morals and beliefs are transparent to me... I see right through it.

Its okay to have our noses in the air around people who don't matter.

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