March 27, 2007

Girlfriends... Addiction.

Sagittarius (Nov. 23 - Dec. 21)
Everyone's got an opinion (or two or three) about what you should do next, but only you know what's best. Ignore everybody's input (which you didn't ask for anyway) and connect with yourself as you revamp your game plan.

I just might!

My head is inflating and I need to be pulled back down to Earth... thanks to a wonderful Photographer whom I overlooked for many years now. Thanks Nack! :)

Happy Hour with the lovely ladies last night was fun... its always a pleasure! I absolutely love nights or gatherings such as that where we can just relax and enjoy ourselves and speak our minds. I mean, we should always speak our minds anyhow... but its even better when you're with such a close knit group of friends whom you trust and feel safe to confide in. I can't say this enough... but I really am blessed with some of the greatest friends a girl can ever have. Not judgmental and accept me for all that I am... flaws included. Its safe to say, that these ladies are my role models in so many ways for so many reasons. Okay... I'll stop being such a sap since I know that they do check up on me and my blog from time to time... just to make sure I'm not causing too much havoc. Oh! And some (no names mentioned... haha) read my blog and is responsible for instigating and encouraging certain ruckus. Gotta love them for that... told you they're supportive of me... and sometimes my temper! ;)

I went to bed pretty late (again)... and woke up only a few hours later at 5am. I think I was still drunk although I only had about 2 glasses of wine last night. I guess my tolerance had gone down drastically considering I've only consumed alcohol a couple times this year... and we're a quarter into the year already! I like it better this way anyhow!

So here I was, half drunk and half alseep... posting away on KC! Man... I really do need an intervention as someone told me a few days ago... and this was coming from a stranger! But be proud of me... the first step to fixing a problem is acknowledging the problem. I acknowledge it alright... and so does everyone else who remind me that I have issues... everyday! Its my stream to the outside world and many worlds I can only wish and dream of experiencing for myself. Besides, if it wasn't for this internet revolution we've beca
me so accustomed to, how else would I meet so many wonderful people that I've been in contact with for many days, months, and years? I'm not just talking about people we exchange few words with... I'm talking about the friends that will listen to you and tell you exactly what you need to hear. Brutal or not. Far more than just "online buddies" as some may see it. They're real. Our friendships are real.

So really... can you blame me?

Forgot to mention, I spilled wine all over myself!

Told you I have many reasons to smile!

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