March 22, 2007

Khmer New Years...

I'm really excited for Khmer New Years next month, but now I realize that I have a problem. No Khmer Outfits. I usually get an outfit or two done each year, but I haven't done so in about two years now since I was never really proud of my body or my looks at the time. I seemed to have picked up old outfits and squeezed into them as much as I can.

Now I finally want new outfits for this holiday, but its just a bit too late to get anything made. I have an outfit that I got made back in September, but its still a little loose. Anyone know of any good Khmer seamstress in the Seattle/Tacoma area who can get an outfit done in a week or two? If so... please let me know!

Two outfits below (taken on 3.17.07. by Mark S.) is what I wouldn't mind wearing... just without the pins that are holding it up. Help?

w/ safety pins... still huge. look at the choker!

decent... until you see the pins in the back! haha

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