March 6, 2007

Its a BEAUTIFUL Day...

Its a beautiful day in the neighborhood!
A beauituful day in the neighborhood!

Would you be my... would you be my....
would you be... my neighbor!?!?

Ahhh... its a BEAUTIFUL day indeed! It was beautiful out yesterday as well, but I didn't take much notice yesterday. It hit me today that it should be SPRING right now! :) I actually had to whip out my sunglasses... which I LOVE to do! It shows that today's high is 61 degrees... but tomorrow's sunshine doesn't look too promising with chances of rain! :(

Rain, rain, go away! Come back out another day!
(or don't come back at all until next year please!)
I'm so glad that its finally beginning to warm up. Hopefully I can kiss my winter blues away. I've been really down this winter in comparison to other years. I can't seem to figure out why, but I'm guessing that the excessive rain and winterstorms that we had plays a big role in it. *sigh* I love Washington, I really do. Its a beautiful state and I feel privileged to have been born and grew up here, but sometimes the gloomy days and continuous rain puts a toll on me. I would love to live where the sun shines all the time and utilize a car wash more often rather than depend on the rain to do the job. And let me just let it be known that the rain makes your car look even worse! Thats just my take on that!

Anyways... I can't wait for this beautiful weather to stay for good. I miss the summer days and nights and the hikes with the girls. This year, I promise myself to hike even more! 4 or 5 times is not going to cut it!

One of my favorite sunny memories... JUMPING photoshoot w/ Nara!

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