March 20, 2007

I did a whole lot more this weekend than I have done the past few weekends. Saturday, I was busy pretty much all day. Sunday, I went to Bellevue Square. I love that place, and I still can't seem to figure out why. :) Oh... and we had sushi too! I ate so much that I had to undo my belt and button whenever we got to the car!!

Sunaro... always picks on me but I know she loves me! :D

Sunday night, went over to Grace's. She hosted a potluck and there seemed to be SO much good food, but I had nowhere to put it in this tummy of mine. I did have the French dessert that Manu made... it was yummy! Finished off the night with a game of Taboo, and as predicted, the girls won.... NO SWEAT. I still don't understand why the guys believe that they have a chance. Haven't they learned from the last how many ever times that we played that the girls never, ever lose. We tried to not be so hard on them and not do a battle of the sexes, but these stubborn and prideful guys were still wishfully thinking. Uhmmm... shattered dreams for them... once again.

Davy... I want the body of a goddess like her!!

Good times as always... it was nice to see some of the faces I love and had not seen in awhile. I love low key nights such as this. :)

Davy, Grace, Sunaro, Thyda... my friends are hott, huh?

Oh... and I had to hijack a camera with my PEACE sign and overcheese! ;)

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