March 9, 2007

Just one of 'em days...

We can't have "good days" everyday, can we? We wish we could, but we can't. Sometimes we pretend that we are having a good day although deep down, our hearts know that its not. We hope that the day would believe what we are pretending it to be and eventually be convinced that it is what we would only hope and want it to be.

I tried to believe that today is a good day. In fact, I try to believe that most days are good days. Bottled up inside are the things that we contain and keep to ourselves. Little things add up and we fill up that bottle as much as we could to the point where it just can't hold anymore. It doesn't help when it gets shaken from time to time... almost always unexpectedly. Eventually, things are going to blow up and it would be worse off than what it would have been if we never tried holding these little things in to begin with.

Lesson: Lets stop pretending that everything is okay. We're only temporarily fooling ourselves and eventually the truth will surface and it would be even harder to clean up the spills. Its better to prevent rather than to heal. Don't wait... think it through, talk it through, and work it out.

Lets face it, we can't turn our backs on everything...

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