August 22, 2007

4th Annual Asian American Water Festival

I can't believe its already over. All that stressing out, meetings to attend and planning out... its all over. :( But you know... that only means that the planning for 2008's event should start any minute now. Matter of fact, its been discussed even before the 2007 event this past Saturday.

This was my second year being involved in the event as a Master of Ceremony. I admit that I love being on stage, but especially love interacting with people in a fun way. Although I get a chance to do both as a Master of Ceremony, I think I find more enjoyment in trying to help pull everything together. I love planning and trying to figure things out... trying to find ways to make things run smoothly... it gives me an adrenaline rush.

I already have ideas for next year and how to make it better. All due respect to the rest of the committee, although this year was another successful turnout, I just know that the whole process could have been a little bit more organized. Putting together such a big and well recognized and anticipated event cant be stressful and very time consuming, but thats all a part of dedication. Truthfully, I could have been a bit more dedicated with this event, and I wish I could have been more involved if it wasn't for the miscommunication where everything was sent to an old contact/email address of mine. But hey... now that thats all figured out and cleared up, there's no excuse for me anymore... I will be more involved.

This year, along with being one of the few Master of Ceremonies, I was also the Raffle and Prizes Coordinator. The duty was pretty last minute, but thats okay... we pulled through. It was a bit disappointing that not all the prizes were given though due to the rain that caused people to leave before the event was over and the prizes had to be put away before they soiled in the rain. I'll stay optimistic and look at the bright side... we already have plenty of prizes ready to be given away in next year's event! :)

Its great to see the unity the day of the event and the night prior where we all pulled together and helped out... trying to set up for our big day! Sam and I didn't leave the park after setting up until around 10pm. It was dark... and we survived by flashlights and car headlights... but thats what it took to get things done. The poor guy, it was his birthday too! :( I felt guilty for putting him to work all throughout his birthday weekend, but he was very supportive and understanding, and I am very thankful for that. If you think staying until 10pm was bad, there were plenty more people who stayed throughout the night trying to set up the stage and everything else after we left. Kudos to them!

The event itself was great... but it had to pour down rain on the final race. Everyone was bummed out and ran for covers and some even left... but once the race started, people ran back to the edge of the water to watch and support the final teams... despite the crazy rain! It was amazing to witness. The cheering, chanting, dancing, smiles, and UNITY seen after it all was all worthwhile...

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