August 26, 2007

I wanna look GOOD too!!

When people say they don't care about their looks, its a lie. Maybe people care about their looks to different degrees, but if someone claims they don't care at all, not even one bit... you can't help but wonder then, what are their reasons for curling their hair... their eyeliner... the gel in their hair... WHY?

I don't think I'm a shallow person nor do I encourage people to base their lives on their appearance, but it also irritates me when people claim they don't care... but then run to the bathroom to powder their nose. Bleh.... stop lying to yourself.

Anyway, I've set new weight goals! Haha... I know this seems a bit pathetic to write out, but oh well... I'll do it anyway since this is my journal in which acts as an outlet for my mind and thoughts. Besides, I think its best to put goals in writing so they can be referred to during the process and after goal is met (or not). It can also act as motivation and a reminder, "Thyda... you've got goals to meet... get working!" I think I'll also update through this journal... and if people have problems with it, then they're silly for even trying to read my blog in the first place! ;)

Goal: At 5'7... I would like to lose at least one pound per week. Desired weight is 125 pounds. If weekly goals are met regularly, desired weight should be met in 14 weeks from today. (Do the basic math)

If I can lose up to two pounds a week, I'd be thrilled... and will definitely reward myself (not a brownie, of course!)... but I'll keep my goal realistic for now. Diet isn't too much of a problem, I just need to actually work out more! Ahhhh... if you're reading this and feel like I'm not sticking to my words, either remind me... or just slap me already!

My boyfriend is VERY in shape and has a great body. Sometimes, I feel quite incompetent and afraid people would question why a buff stud like him would be with an ogre like me. Wahhh...

I wanna look GOOD too, dammit!

My personal health and appearance had been my motivation before... but now, HE is my other motivation! Besides, there's a wedding in June where I have to look good at! ;)

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