August 25, 2007

Money, Honey...

You would think that since I came from a big family where money was scarce and every dime was hard earned, I'd be a bit more cautious with my spending habits, right? Wrong. I am horrible... and probably the worst when it comes to balancing my checkbook and keeping my bank account out of the reds.

I used to spend my summer mornings in the berry or bean fields before dawn... rain or shine. I was embarrassed at the fact my entire family had to work in the fields just to put food on the table at the time, but I was naive and at the age where reputation amongst peers was important and held much value to me. Stupid, Thyda. Now, I am proud to say that I knew what hard work is and have worked hard. My family never got anything handed to them and nothing came easy... but we pulled through anyway. Not knowing how to speak much English, my parents were able to provide for all EIGHT of their children... eight. How? With very little sleep, rest, and leisure... climbing mountains to pick beargrass and sell them for about a quarter a bundle... AFTER bringing it home to clean up, of course. They'd leave the house before sunrise... and return only a few hours before they would have to leave and go through the exact same routine the very next day. With all due respect, people think that sewing in their homes just to get by was hard? Heck... that would be leisure to my parents and my family... to be in a sheltered place where its a bit warmer and lunch (which usually consisted of cold rice and meat... left overs from the day prior) wasn't eaten on the side of the road... out of tupperware.

Yes, its a shame that my parents who had very little resources were able to provide for themselves and their eight children.... while I have unlimited resources and luxuries, a great job in an air conditioned office where funds are automatically deposited into my bank account every two weeks, and I still struggle financially.

I have issues... and need to learn how to be more responsible with my money. Financial advisor needed... willing to pay once funds are sufficient and stable.


  1. Hi baby...As i've mentioned before...I offer free financial advise, but to you only. :)

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