August 29, 2007

Go Go Dancers are SO funny!

So on Saturday evening, a couple of my friends and I went out to a Khmer party called "Khmer Summer Jam" that was hosted by my cousin's promotion company. It was pretty fun although I didn't stay long and made it a short outting, but I wanted to share a funny incident that happened. Well, maybe you'd just have to be there to find it hilarious, but Grace and I thought it was HIGHLARIOUS!

Our friends were gathered into a group, posing for a picture. Grace tapped this Go-Go Dancer on the shoulder and asked, "Can you take a picture for us?" The Go-Go Dancer was ecstatic and asked with glee, "With meeeee?" and Grace was like.... "Uh... no... OF us!" (pointing to all of our friends and herself) The Go-Go Dancer looked a bit disappointed with, "oh..." and took the camera and took our picture anyway.

Poor girl... so used to everyone wanting to take pictures with her that she seemed a bit heart broken to know that she was playing Photographer rather than Model for a few seconds. :)

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