August 25, 2007

I have a dream...

After actually doing something worthwhile in years that is a bit more selfless and beneficial to others rather than myself, I feel great. The mission is not complete, but I am thrilled and ecstatic at the thought of the outcome once its accomplished. Finally, something along the lines of what I've always wanted to do. With the help of everyone else, I just know that its possible.... VERY possible.

I know that I usually get overly excited and jump the gun when I shouldn't, but I can't help being the eager person that I am. I have many more projects in mind in which I know is very possible as well if only I had the help of others. Nowadays, its rarely possible to make a difference for others by yourself... its a team effort.

I don't see myself as a die hard humanitarian, but it does give me a sense of fulfillment and happiness when I know that conditions or a situation is better for someone... especially when its someone who is in need, of course. Maybe one day after I do more walking than just talking, I can see myself as one. Right now, I am inspired.

As for the title of this blog... thank you "ah bong" for pointing out that my words and thoughts I've shared with you was like an "I have a dream..." speech. I do have a dream... I do.

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  1. you're welcome hunny. it can and WILL happen, and i will be there to push you every step of the way. My god-mother is actually on the board of the Alliance group here and I've talked her into letting me be on the Board too. With this new network, I'm hoping to gain more knowledge and a stronger support group for our humanitarian efforts. I'm so excited about this!