August 13, 2007


Sometimes, siblings for some reason think that its okay to just walk all over you. Heck... some can be inconsiderate enough to believe that you don't have your own schedule and agenda. Once in awhile is understandable for them to interfere with the rest of your personal life, but when do they realize that enough is enough? I sometimes wonder if age plays a role in this selfish gesture... where if you're younger, you have less room to speak about anything, even if its about YOU. Its so irritating... and I want to break away from it.

I love living back at home because I'm closer to my family, but there comes a point when the line needs to be drawn and something needs to be said. As big of feet as I have, I still can't seem to put a foot down. Ironic, isn't it?

I have places to go, other people I need to see, and things I need to get down. Heck... I know its my fault for procrastinating on some things I should have gotten done awhile back, but people interfering with my agenda... especially when there's time restraints... is irritating.

I know its sometimes selfish of me to only think of myself and my needs, but if others (sibs) were a bit more selfless, I wouldn't have to be in a situation where I have to think as selfishly as I do, do I? Nope.

Irritated. So so irritated...

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  1. i often feel this way, but it's not from's from parents, aunts, uncles, and even outside the fam. sucks...