August 30, 2007


Many have asked me, "Where are the pictures from Sam's visit?" Fact is, we didn't get to take too many pictures because it was such a busy weekend with the Water Festival falling on the exact same weekend. We did get a few pictures from his surprise birthday dinner at this upscale trendy new place on Capitol Hill called KURRENT. The staff were so sweet and we had an awesome waiter who was very cooperative with us. The VIP lounge was to be ours... but we were a bit too slow on that so others got in there first. ALL of us were too tired to lounge too long afterwards anyhow... but the food was great and the service was spectacular! I highly recommend.

Sam apparently had no idea about the surprise dinner since he thought everyone went camping the day he arrived. He was a bit sad thinking our friends didn't stick around for him, but of course they did! I lied to him and told him that I was going to work, but really... I was driving around running errands picking up his cake at the best bakery in Seattle (in my opinion), going to try to find flowers (haha) and dropping it off with Grace... all while stuck in the Seattle traffic due to the I-5 closure. We were running late to our "reservations" so I called Grace pretending she's the host at the place... and Sam wondered why I didn't even give them my name. Pulled up to the place and Grace's car was parked in the very front! Oh my gosh... so glad Sam didn't notice it was her car, but he did notice the Asian people covering their faces when we got there! Haha... it was pretty funny! Oh... and he's getting so old, he couldn't even blow out all his candles at once... and there weren't even 26 on that thing! LOL...

(the ONLY picture of us together the whole weekend... sad, eh?)

Nevertheless, it was a great weekend! I miss it.... wahhhhh!


  1. One of the best birthday ever... I wanna thank everyone who came out and play. I had a blast. Thank you too babe. It was great just hanging out with you and everyone else. Can't wait to do it again. :)

  2. i swear the waiter was hitting on sam hahahha.