January 11, 2011

"35 or BUST!!"

So as you may already know, I did my first ever 5K run this past weekend.  :D

With only a few days to train and being so out of shape, I was on the verge of backing out.  I couldn't sleep the night before because I was THAT nervous.  I tried to load up on some carbs the night before (as I was told) and had a light, carb filled breakfast (croissant).  I tried not to drink too much water because I noticed that I tend to get cramps or side aches whenever I drink water right before running.  I figured, there will be water stations (as I have read about online).

We got to the registration area and everyone looked so ready and pumped in their gear.  Most people wore shirts saying that they've completed a half or full marathon before.  Holy shit!  I had to pee!  I tried to eavesdrop on people and heard that they've all been training or have ran before.  Some were walking their dogs for the walk, but how embarrassing would it be to run at the pace of someone who was simply walking their dog?  Ahhh... I wanted to bail so badly, but Sam wouldn't let me.  Just because he wasn't running.  Hmph!

I talked to a few friends who are experienced runners and they told me to just have fun and enjoy the run.  My best friends gave me a goal... 35 minutes or bust!  What the hell?  They do realize that I am the type of person to hop in the car and drive to go get the mail, don't they?  How the hell was I going to get an 11 minute something pace?  Yikes!

The race started... and here I go ! I tried to keep pace with the expert runners and it was going okay at first.  Then, after about a mile into it, I lost it!  I wasn't tired, but my throat was killing me!  It BURNED!  Where was the water station that I was expecting?  Thats right... THERE WAS NONE!!  Ahhhh!  I had to stop and walk because if I didn't I think my throat would have ripped out.  I knew I should have carried a tiny bottle of water with me... why didn't I listen to my gut?  Ugh!  I would start to jog again with "35 minutes or BUST" running through my head.  It wasn't long until I had to stop and walk and let me throat cool down again.  And with the cold air that morning, I thought my throat was just going to bleed... seriously.

I tried to keep pace with a few runners, and I did!  I didn't know them, but I secretly used them as a guide.  If they can do it, so can I. 

Finally, I saw the finish line.  I picked up my pace despite the burn in my throat... thinking of ways of fixing it when I'm done.  I thought to myself that even if it ripped out, the water at the finish line MIGHT help a little.  So... I ran for it!  I passed the runner that I was trying to keep up with and made it to the finish line!

33:17 --- 10:42 pace.  :)

I definitely beat my goal time, but I just KNEW then that I could have done better.  Nevertheless, it was a proud moment.  I survived and I didn't even bust!

I'm addicted.  Next time, my goal is 30 minutes or bust!

Until then, its training time!