January 19, 2011


Check, check, and CHECK!

Yesterday was just a day full of errands.

First things first, I am officially a Californian!!  For the past year, I refused to get a California ID because I didn't want to stop being a Washingtonian.  However, I have to legally change my address after I move.  Sure, I changed my address everywhere else except for on my driver's license.  I refused!  Anyway, I had to come down to it and finally get it.  I'm looking forward to getting the ID and having Californian privileges (discounts to amusement parks... haha!), but I am never going to rid my Washington ID.  NEVER!!

Sam got a ticket a few weeks ago (boo boo, I know).  We had to go get it signed off at one place and then had to bring it to another place only to find out that it isn't even in the system yet.  Sort of frustrating because he took the day off for that purpose.  Oh well, at least we're almost done dealing with that.  Blah.

Also finally got some stuff done to the car.  Whoot whoot... I feel better about driving it now although I haaaaaaate driving with a passion.  I'm one of those people who are meant to have a chauffeur. *wink wink* 

After getting tons of errands done, we went on a house hunt.  Yes, the house hunting is back on and its been fun.  I can't wait until we finally have a house of our own.  Lots of responsibilities, but I know it will be worth it.

Then, here comes baby!  And no... I'm not pregnant.  LOL.  I want to be after we have a house though. Just sayin'!

Alright... thats all for now.  I will have to come back and vent about a conversation I had with my cousin (not so little 23 year old cousin) this morning.  Ugh... don't even get me started!

Okay... toodles!


  1. It is official you are a Cali girl

  2. Washingtonian... always and forever!! :D