January 14, 2011

What did I just do? Episode 1

Yesterday, I surprised my Husband with fresh spring rolls.  He and I both love spring rolls but I never make them because I simply suck at it.

The ones that I rolled yesterday sucked more than I've ever made them in my life.  They were loose and limpy (getting visuals yet?) and just a mess to eat.  Ugh... but we still ate them and although they were ugly, they sure were yummy!

I love the spring rolls from Brodard's where they have some egg roll shells inside the spring roll to make it crunchy.  I attempted to make them the same way.


I deep fried a fork!!

LOL... I nearly fell to the ground laughing by myself.  I wish there was a hidden camera somewhere in my kitchen because I would have loved to see my face and reaction.

I saved the fork before it got crispy, by the way!  ;)  Super Hero duty of the day... CHECK!


  1. Thyda...
    O M G! LOL - too funny. Sam's so lucky to have a quirky one like you :) - S'myra

  2. Haha thanks girly! I read your comment out to him and he shook his head. DENIAL!!