January 15, 2011

Some Things Just Never Change... Other Things Do.

I recently had a talk with an old old friend that I have not seen in many years.  After an hour or two, she told me that I am still the same person - bubbly, funny, and caring.  This made me smile because I like being the person that I was and I am glad to know that I am the same person.

Not too long after that conversation, I thought to myself, I HAVE changed!

My friend reassured me that though my priorities and lifestyle is very different from what it used to be, I am still that same person that I've always been.  Elaborate?

Before:  Splurging on $700 jackets and spending up to $300 at a makeup counter at a time
After:  Thinking twice about my purchases.  Searching for coupons online and in the mail before making a purchase... even if its only ten dollars.

Before:  Partying from Tuesday - Sunday... with Monday being a rest day.  Running on 3 hours of sleep each day.
After:  Lounging in pajamas in my living room 26 nights of the month... leaving 4 or 5 nights for hanging out with friends.

Before:  Wondering what I will be doing the next night.

After:  Wondering what I will be doing in 5 years.

Okay maybe I've grown up just a little bit, but its an ongoing process and I kind of like it.   BUT... I am still the same ol' Thyda.  Thank goodness because I kind of like myself and the way I am!  However, I am not in love with myself nor do I think my poo smells like roses. There's a difference!  :)

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