January 17, 2011

Random Note To Self...

I suck at bowling!

On Friday, we went out to dinner with some friends to celebrate our buddy's birthday.  Yummy Korean BBQ... true lardness, I know.  Not good for my diet.  Oh well... who cares, right?

We went bowling afterward and for once, I sat out on it.  The last time I went bowling, I sucked so bad that I might as well not bowl.  A waste of a player space and time that someone else can use.  My biggest fear about bowling is is slipping and falling or accidentally throwing the ball back and hitting people.  Good thing I didn't bowl because someone did end up falling and thank goodness it wasn't me.  If I was to bowl, I am sure as hell that it would have been me.  Good call, Thyda!

I also found myself drained and tired by 9pm.  What's wrong with me?  And no... I am not pregnant.  This used to be the time that I wake up!  Our friends joked that Sam and I have switched roles... he is now the night owl and party goer (or try to be... haha) while I just want to stay home and watch my FRIENDS DVDs (I think I am obsessed with those things).  Anyway... I need to stop being all tired so early.  I am still young. 

WAKE UP, Thyda!!

Okay... that is all.


  1. I Love korean bbq...you always make me hungry! lol. Hey u never know...u could be pregnant? Check in a few weeks. :)

  2. HAHA I know that this is TMI, but I can't be pregnant... I am on my period as I type this! Wuahahahha! Gimme the chocolates... pronto!