January 21, 2011

Here we go... AGAIN!

The house hunting continues... or begins!

Last year, Sam and I were on a hunt for a house.  We didn't find anything in our budget and things came up and we decided to take a little break from the stress of it all and just enjoy ourselves for awhile.  But now, it looks like we are back on the market!

Personally, its been really difficult for me to come to a realization that homes here in Southern California are way more expensive than homes in Washington.  For $300K in Washington, you can find a great, brand new 4 bedrooms and 2 baths in a nice neighborhood.  Here?  Eh... don't even get me started.  It makes me sad and I just want to move back to Washington already just for the better deal. But I know that I can't because of Sam's work. 

Ahhh... I'm going to have to learn how to settle.

One day, I shall own a house in California AND another in Washington.  Today, I have neither.  Wahhhh!!

But hey... at least I still have my health, family, friends, a roof over my head and food on the table.  Just counting a few of my many blessings.

Oh hello, mood swings!  :)