January 12, 2011

I LIKE it when its my Birthday!!

Last night, I found myself thinking about what I am going to do for my 27th birthday this year.  I know that my birthday just past, but I just really like it when its my birthday!  :)

For my 26th (exactly a month and three days ago), I wasn't planning to do anything at all.  BUT... it ended up being quite a celebration!

Jenny's birthday is exactly a day before mine, so we decided to celebrate together this year since she is moving and wouldn't be here next year.  

Practice Birthday run with Serina, Jenny, and Jackie happened the week before.  I haven't partied in quite awhile and I wanted to make sure I still got it!  ;) 

We stopped by a gas station for a cup of ice (lol... don't ask why) and pretty much invaded the place trying to find our favorite snacks.  The man working there was laughing at us and I just said to him, "Please don't mind my friends, they just came here from Cambodia so this is kind of exciting".  LOL... then he took a picture of us... see!!

It was quite a night in Hollywood and we had to make our usual stop in Thai Town afterwards.  Soooooo yum!  What a blast we had that night!

Then the night before my birthday, we went to Mai Tai Bar.  We counted down until midnight when it was my actual birthday and everything.  Oh boy... that was also a hysterical night.  I had quite a bit too much to drink and for the first time in awhile, I yacked.  Yeah... happy freakin' birthday to me!  WTF Wednesday is what we called it.

The following night, Sam and I attended a Yelp Elite pajama party.  Yayyy... the day of my actual birthday.  I had such a great day... relaxing with my Husband (he took the day off) and recovering from the night prior.  The Pajama party was sort of crazy... so many people and food and free drinks.  I still can't believe the bartenders suggest we each get two drinks so we don't have to go back to the bar often.  SCORE!!  I didn't want to drink though... not too much anyway.  Surprisingly on my birthday, right?  HAHA... it was a lot of fun any way.  We didn't really take pictures of ourselves (I was still a mess... lol), but here is a picture from upstairs looking down at half of the party.

The following night, I held my birthday dinner.  Close friends (the ones in California) and yummy food?  What more can I ask for?

The night after that was a blast as well (of course).  The girls and I had a little potluck prefunk and getting ready session.  So much food, cake, pinata, drinks, hairspray, and lipgloss.  PERFECT combination for my kind of night.  I love girl time sessions!

Then, we went off to party in Huntington Beach with more friends.  VIP, please!  The night went by way too fast for me and I had such a blast dancing my butt off.  I wished the night lasted longer because time sure flies when you're having fun!!

Finally a picture with my MAIN SQUEEZE!!  Hehe... he was busy taking pictures for my friends and I the entire night.  He definitely made my birthday special.  Gotta love the guy!  ;)

So many more pictures, but just wayyyyyy too many to post up here.  Oops!

You see... I didn't really PLAN anything for my birthday and I was just going to wing it.  Everything was pretty last minute, but its so nice to have people there ready to celebrate with me.

26 was such a memorable celebration... I can't wait to see what celebrating 27 is like.  27 is my favorite number, by the way... so it should be GOOD!


  1. Wow. It looks like you had an awesome birthday! You're still so young...Lucky. I'm turning 30...:( I can still remember my 26th bday...that was the day I met my husband. :)

  2. You are gorgeous as always!

  3. Thanks! Mrs. Julius, you don't look a day past 23!

  4. Jeez, the though of doing this much fun stuff on my birthday seems exhausting! But it definitely looks like a good time.

    I'm only 2..3? years older than you are but we definitely spend our bdays in different ways. I'll be 29 in 4 months... I think I'd want dinner and a movie AT HOME. Bwa hahah!

    Mae Lu, @ thereafterish.