January 26, 2011

The Good Ol' Days...

I had a dream that I was in gymnastics again!  What surprises me is that I still remember the floor routine from elementary school.  When I woke up, I laid there trying to play the routine in my head and saw it clearly and perfectly.  Nowadays, I can barely do a forward roll let alone a round-off backhand spring.  Ahhh... I miss those days!

I am going to contact my old gymnastics instructor to see if he has any videos (on VHS, of course) of any of the old practices or meets.  I would LOVE to see them.

I had THE best childhood ever.  Sure, there was hardcore child labor in there (if you only knew), but it was what made me into the person that I am today.  That story could take forever, so I will save it for another day.  But even with the labor and the occasional abuse, I still had the best and most balanced childhood I can imagine.

Sometimes, I wish that my children could live my childhood.  I know that with the technology and difference in lifestyles now, it wouldn't be possible.  But, if only they could, I would document every little thing because it would be a great story to tell.


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